Corporate Social Responsibility Impact

For 25 years, our agency as a whole, works together to provide a footprint that ensures the best possible care for our clients and the communities in which we serve. At The Link & Option Center, Inc., social responsibility encompasses how our mission, values, and vision are intertwined into our everyday business practices, as well as our relationships in intentional spheres of influence.

How We're Different – Value Proposition

Our philosophy towards access to care is strategically aligned to location, and how a co-location delivery approach enables us to provide accessible, integrated high quality and culturally sensitive healthcare services to our clients; barring barriers.

√ Services are also offered in nontraditional office settings, and accessible through a range of locations that are least restrictive to our clients’ access to care needs (ER, hospitals, in-home, telepsychiatry, community partner agency locations, homeless shelters, transitional homes, supportive housing agencies, rehabilitative facilities, and nursing homes).

√ At the first point of contact, we promote client Health, Recovery, Engagement and Choice.

· Client Health – We aspire to enhance the quality of life for our clients; to positively influence the health behavior of individuals and communities as well as improve the living and working conditions that influence their health.

· Recovery – We empower our clients and measure recovery by their ability to move into the successful management of a mental health condition or addiction.

· Engagement – We provide comprehensive medical and clinical staffing for care coordination and population management to ensure clients are engaged in their care; medical and behavioral health appointments are met, and needs are regularly monitored and managed.

· Choice – We strongly believe that clients have a right to choice and to choose when, where and who should be their health partner. We listen, and offer choice of location, preference of provider and hours of appointment. We stratify our client’s level of risk and care, and appropriately match clients with clinicians by skill-set to adequately meet specific client needs.

√ We empower our clients by addressing social determinants of health alongside clients mental health services.

Desired Outcome

The Link & Option Center, Inc., will provide services in accordance with available technologies, industry trends, and area needs in multiple locations and formats.  Such services will be fully funded, managed by a well-positioned Board of Directors and staffed by highly qualified, appropriately compensated professionals.  TLOC will be a sustainable, state-of-the-art agency exemplifying best practices, fiduciary responsibility and the creation of replicable models.

Our Accreditations

Behavioral Health Home Certification Award Letter
Behavioral Health Care Accreditation Award Letter
Quality Report

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